WCJM Free Internet Radio FAQ:

Who is Doctor K?

Doctor K is WCJM free Internet radio’s resident midget dentist, a master of puns and dentistry.  Expertise like this is difficult to find anywhere individually, but at the Moore 94.2 catalog of shows, you can find one very little person with both talents.  This midget is not to be underestimated – “Watch it!” as he would say – for he makes up in big laughs what he lacks in height.  (If you think these puns are funny, then you’re in for a real treat.  Also, if you think these puns aren’t funny, they’re really nothing when compared to Dr. K’s standup comedy and comedy skits, so go to the source before you judge!)

How can I figure out if Dr. K’s humor is for me?

If you enjoy funny radio, there’s little doubt that you could possibly resist Dr. K’s sense of humor.  Still, if you’d like a taste of what you could expect from his comedy radio contributions, then check out his clips on the Dr. K section of the WCJM Internet radio website.  By clicking on each of the images held under the magnifying glass, one of Dr. K’s most well-received routines will play for you. 

Why does Dr. K get an entire section of the WCJM Internet radio website devoted to him?

This funny character is an absolute classic at WCJM Internet radio – he, like Stuffy D. Bear, is a mainstay of the free radio shows.  He’s practically a cast member, considering the amount of comedy skits and standup comedy routines this doctor of midget dentistry has contributed to the radio shows.  And the cast members love his humor – this is evident in the nearly explosive laughter that follows his puns and quips.  Just listen to any show listed on Dr. K’s page to experience the funny radio and FREE radio for yourself!

Is it true that Dr. K has diagnosed WCJM host Chris Moore as an albino?

Well, yes and no.  Dr. K, being a dentist, is not qualified to make such diagnoses, but he has pointed out the striking similarity between the pigment of an albino person and that of Chris’ skin.  He claims to have borrowed Chris’ calculator once, only to find that the “TAN” button was missing!

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